Gothic Cowboy.

Friends in colourful places.



Seeing as we haven't blogged in a while, a few things have happened.....like a trip to Amsterdam! Here are a few snaps of the trip....

Party Season.

We have had some great parties in the last month and here are some of the great outfits we have worn and also encountered! Sparkle, glitz and glamour....enjoy! 

Seasons Greetings.

These snaps are from winter wonderland at Sandy's uni, our house party and our Christmas dinner with friends! We never get bored and if we do...we paint our faces. December, especially early December, has been so much fun. I'm so excited for January, it will have to exceed Decembers fun. (fingers crossed) 


Outfits, street style.

Some of my favorite street style images I have found in the last few weeks. My absolute favorite on this moodboard has to be the 2nd in the top row... white jumper, black hat and shorts; I will most definitely be copying this outfit. 

New York.

Suzi and I have just come back from a wonderful holiday in New York. The experience was absolutely  breath taking. Everybody has said that this place is beautiful and I now know exactly what they mean, I have totally fallen in love and will be going back very soon and for much longer.  

I will be posting more photos from our amazing trip very soon. 



Suzi and I haven't blogged in such a long time. We are now on our summer break and have a lot of spare time so we will be blogging more regularly.



Fallulah - Give Her A Lot Of Love.

I am surprised that Fallulah hasn't received much more recognition for her talent. Maria Apetri, stage name Fallulah, was born in Denmark in 1985. Her first album entitled "The Black Cat Neighbourhood" is full of melodic, reminiscent songs. It's debut single "I Lay My Head" is an upbeat, vivid song. It has a romantic country feel which is complimented by her distinct voice. I am really looking forward to her new material!


My new haircut has a name according to the 'Grazia' magazine and it is called 'the Anna'!!!! Yes, it is named after Anna Wintour! I absolutely love it even though it was a rescue haircut which I had to get due to extensive bleaching damage on the tips of my hair! I love how easy it is to manage and how effortless it looks!



I came across Monki not long ago and fell in love straight away. My absolute favorite item of theirs are these "Bess" Shoes, I think they will be great for the summer with my flowery knee high dresses and the little white dresses, I also imagine they would do wonders with a tan and stand out even more then!