I love the pastel!

Ohhh the shoes! Ich Liebe! I love the colour and the design, they are so feminine and elegant! My next purchase is also under £100. The shoes are from Topshop and will be mine soon. However, I am not planning to wear them with dresses and feminine designs. I will combine them with an all black outfit and a standout scarf. Looking forward to uploading a picture.... Suzi xx
I was just doing some browsing on the internet and looking at what goodies I can add to my summer collection and I came across these shoes from http://www.missguided.co.uk/... It was love at first sight. I feel like I have to have them! I think they will look great with a tan, I'm picturing them with many different outfits too!! I hope Suzi approves??? It is hard to buy stuff without her approval.


I can't sleep so I decided to look at some pictures I took during the earlier days of this month, I found this one of my little sisters hair... she is so obsessed with hair accessories I don't think she has any more places to store them. I thought that the bows look so good all mixed up together, especially the ones at the top, this is such a great evening look or even something for the beach. I will definitely go trough her accessories and post all the exciting and cute things she has!!

Following up on Suzis post on the Nike trainers... I got these around Christmas time, I wasn't sure at first because I couldn't picture them matching any of my clothes, BUT to my surprise they go with almost everything! I love wearing them with my orangey/brown Berkertex coat.


Find these or a similar pair at any 'nike' store or online or you can even customise your own 'cortez' trainers by visiting the following link http://store.nike.com/gb/en_gb/product/cortez-id-shoe/?piid=24141 - have fun customising xoxo

More comfort...

Another great image of late Farrah Fawcett.As we mentioned before we love the original 'Charlie's Angels' girls and I don't think skating has ever looked so stylish! The trainers in the picture are the ultimate retro purchase and how great do they look with the outfit that she is wearing. Very casual but very glamorous.

Comfort over style???

Converse = Ingenious!!! What is more comfortable than a pair of Converse? And what is more stylish than a pair of Converse? Having had mine for a while I have managed to make them look rugged and old, just as they should look. When I first bought them I placed them behind the back wheels of my dads car which he didn't appreciate :) and they survived the murder attempt with only a few minor injuries!!! I recently purchased the white ones for Sands and can't wait to get my own pair, they look adorable with everything that she wears! Maybe she will upload a picture????!!!!! Sandy????


How important is accessorizing????

Accessories make an outfit. They are a reflection of character. Big flashy jewelry or simple pieces can add instant 'oooomph' to any outfit! Our intention was to capture our colorful nails in the above picture but the rings stand out more....

We both have an obsession with 'Pia Jewellery'. They have the most beautiful collection of silver rings at reasonable pricing. And their sales are awesome, prices ranging from as low as £5 onwards!